Why Our Price is High

Why Our Price is Higher Than many Websites out there on the Internet?

Yes, you may find the very same item on many websites at very cheaper price! and you may get furious on us because We're selling those same items at comparatively higher price. And it's a Scam!! Right? No Sir! before you think anything Wrong, just hold on another minute because just now you gonna discover, the Secret behind!

 ** The Thing is...

 There isn't any secret! but there's just a simple lil fact. And that fact is QUALITY.

You must have seen local shoe shops in your town selling Abibas Shoes at Rs. 500, 600 or max 700. But you go to the Adidas store and buy Superstar Series shoes at Rs. 7000.

Now, I've a very simple question to you... Why will you purchase a shoe costing Rs. 7000 when the very same shoe is available at insanely low price, Rs. 600 only!?

Have you gone nuts? or are you fu**ing out of your mind? Don't you understand simple Mathematics, in Rs. 7000 you could have bought 10 or even more shoes! then why, I mean why will you buy the same shoe for Rs. 7000!

I know you answer, any person with brain will say something similar to...

"Come one dude, this is Original Adidas Superstar. And those Rs.600 shoes are fu**ing fake just similar looking shit. There can be no comparison between Comfort and Quality of these and and those!"

Yup. That's the answer. We're doing Premium Quality Deals. Because We've long term goals, please read About Us if you've 5 spare minutes.

Those many websites selling same stuff at very cheaper price but the difference is in Quality and After Sale Support.

The fact is, all the people selling duplicate stuff uses the Original Products photos and videos to attract customers to buy from them but only after the product delivery customer gets to know about the Truth! And after that, when customer wants to Return the product they simply don't answer to their calls, mails, messages or anything. And even if they answer, they just talk stupid and start giving nonsense facts and excuses!

How Millions Kart is different? Good Question! Please read About Us and know.

Thank you very much.

Team Millions Kart.